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Repairing Car Engines in San Rafael

Neuhaus Service Inc. can handle just about any combustion engine repair. Our car repair shop has been providing diagnosis and service for more than 42 years. So if you’re hearing strange noises from under the hood, or if something about your car or truck just isn’t right, take it into our San Rafael shop.

Five Ways to Prevent Additional Auto Issues

Although each of the following tips requires something from you, they can save you money in the end.

  1. Watch the light. Modern vehicles provide essential information via dash indicators. A “check engine” light could mean any number of things, such as a catalytic converter or oxygen sensor problem. Take it into the shop immediately so diagnostic equipment can provide more details.
  2. Stick to your car’s oil change schedule. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for changing your car’s engine oil and oil filter. Certain newer cars mandate full synthetic oil, so be sure you know what your car requires.
  3. Know that oil leaks are more than a nuisance. Oil leaks can lead to premature failure of crucial components or slowly deteriorate engine mounts and suspension bushings.
  4. Stay out of the water. It can be tempting to race home during a downpour or leave the safety of your home to explore flooded streets, but if standing water enters your vehicle’s air intake, you could end up with misfires and even bent piston rods.
  5. Keep your car hydrated. You should regularly check the coolant level in your vehicle and top it off whenever it’s low. Every three years, you should have a complete cooling system flush done, as this prevents overheating and corrosion, which are causes of more serious, costly problems.
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Specializing in Both Japanese and Domestic Autos

Our San Rafael car engine repair shop will gladly handle your next auto repair project. Give us a call at 415-459-0650 to schedule an appointment.

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